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Division of Reproductive Engineering

  • Prof.ToruTakeo.jpgWe seek to unravel mechanisms of reproductive biology and make innovations in reproductive technology in mammals.
    We solved critical problems in mouse reproductive technology which is widely used in transgenic facilities and mouse repositories. Our technology is available from our online manual. In addition, we provide service of mouse repository (CARD Mouse Bank) which collaborates with our international partners.


Our Mission

  • -Discover novel compounds and materials to regulate
  •  reproductive functions
  • -Comprehend unrevealed rules in Reproductive Biology and
  •  Cryobiology
  • -Provide solutions in Reproductive Technology
  • -Develop a robust system and network of bioresources (Mice and Rats)
  • -Share the latest techniques and knowledge of Reproductive Technology
  • -Grow young scientists and technicians in Reproductive Technology


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Access to CARD Reproductive Technology

CARD Mouse Bank

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  • We provide service of mouse embryo and sperm bank
  • (CARD Mouse Bank) since 1998. CARD Mouse Bank is a founding member of International Mouse Strain Resource (IMSR). We developed original searchable database of genetically engineered mice archived in CARD Mouse Bank (CARD R-BASE). Totally, 2,239 strains of genetically engineered mice are available.
  • If you want to order the mice, please visit our ordering website.
Ordering Mice_CARD Mouse Bank.png. Rederivation of genetically engineered mice via CARD Mouse Bank.jpg IMSR.jpg

Our Team

Name E-mail
Professor Toru Takeo takeo* Grant and Publication list etc.
Visiting Professor Jorge M Sztein Grant and Publication list etc.
Assistant Professor Yoshiko Nakagawa y-naka* Grant and Publication list etc.
Research Fellow Satohiro Nakao naka-sato* Grant and Publication list etc.
Research Fellow Kaharul Kahar
IT Specialist Shuuji Tsuchiyama shuuji* Grant and Publication list etc.
Breeding Manager Wataru Sakamoto watarus*
Secretary Fumi Takahashi card-rep*
Import and Export Coordinator Mari Iwamoto card*
Breeding Facility Receptionist Kaori Sakaguchi cardadmi*
Mouse Bank Technician Satoshi Nakamura
Mouse Bank Technician Kiyoko Yamashita
Mouse Bank Technician Maki Sakaguchi
Mouse Bank Technician Yuka Deshimaru
Mouse Bank Technician Kiharu Uchigoshi
Mouse Bank Technician Kodai Uno
Mouse Bank Technician Keisuke Kogami
Mouse Bank Technician Erina Maruoka
Graduate Student Kotono Ito
Graduate Student Serina Kuroshima
R&D Team Leader
Graduate Student
Katsuma Yamaga
Graduate Student Ryo Kubota
Graduate Student Ryusei Maeda
Graduate Student Ayana Shitashimizu
Undergraduate Student Yoshino Wakasugi
Undergraduate Student Reiri Koga
Undergraduate Student Sakura Nakamitsu
Undergraduate Student Keisuke Masuda PLEASED Program
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