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Division of Reproductive Engineering

We research mouse reproduction. With the knowledge, we develop new reproductive engineering techniques of mouse. Using the techniques, we manage Mouse Bank System to support biomedical researchers.

Our research

  • (1) In vitro fertilization of mouse
  • (2) Cryopreservation of mouse sperm, embryo and oocyte
  • (3) Cold storage of cauda epididymis and 2-cell stage embryos
  • (4) Production of genetically modified mouse


Name E-mail
Professor Naomi Nakagata nakagata* Grant and Publication list etc.
Lecturer Toru Takeo takeo* Grant and Publication list etc.
Research Assistant Professor Yoshiko Nakagawa y-naka* Grant and Publication list etc.
Technician Shuuji Tsuchiyama shuuji* Grant and Publication list etc.
Student Hidetaka Yoshimoto HIGO prgram Scholarship, Publication list etc.
Ayumi Mukunoki HIGO prgram Scholarship
Please replace "*" to @gpo.kumamoto-u.ac.jp  (2015/04/01)

Reproductive engineering techniques

  • We share our techniques in this page to contribute efficient operating of mouse as experimental animal.

Mouse Bank System

  • We keep a number of mice sperm and embryos collected from various gene modified mouse. The data base is here.
    Please refer to this page to know how to order the mouse of your interest.