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Division of Laboratory Animal Science

  • Research and development of breeding system of laboratory animals.
  • Research and development of new genetic diagnosis method of laboratory animal infection.
  • Research of phynotypic analysis system of genetically engineered mice.


To promote the development of propagation and preservation skills for laboratory animals including genetically modified animals, and to conduct the research of microorganism infection.


1) Research

  • Bacterial infection and viral infection of laboratory animals.
  • Normal bacterial flora of laboratory animals.
  • Drug resistance bacteria in laboratory animals.
  • Monitoring of microorganism and control of mice and rats.
  • The effective operation of management system concerning laboratory animals and animal testing.

2) Education

  • Animal testing and training development for user and laboratory animal technicians.


Position Name
Lecturere Daisuke Torigoe, DVM, PhD (E-Mail:dori@)
E-Mail +kumamoto-u.ac.jp