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The Institute of Resource Development and Analysis was established in 2003 to promote educational research of the field of science generally through the research resources of Kumamoto University.

It consists of the reorganized Center for Animal Resources and Development, Gene Technology Center, Radioisotope Center, three RI centers and Instrumental Analysis Center. They conduct research in the university, in Japan and other countries to provide the support of life science research and supply of research resources.

The main services are 1) Producing, development, preservation, supply, assembly of data base / analysis and bioinformatics of laboratory animals including genetically modified animals, and phenotype analysis. 2) Conducting researches, education, enlightenment, information service and technique guidance related to animal research, gene testing, isotope testing and instrumental analysis testing.

Director Yuichi Oike

The System of IRDA has Reorganized.

The system of IRDA in 2010.

Reorganized April 1st,2011

The system of IRDA in 2011.

Organization Chart

Organization chart


Users can download official publication and booklets of Institute of Resource Development and Analysis.


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IRDA Booklet pdf / 634 KB yes!

Official Publication (Japanese Only)

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2008 Activities Report pdf / 2.2 MB yes!
2007 Activities Report pdf / 1.35 MB yes!
2006 Activities Report pdf / 1.5 MB yes!
2005 Activities Report pdf / 1.7 MB yes!
2004 Activities Report pdf / 2.8 MB yes!
2003 Activities Report pdf / 159 KB yes!